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Ban Japanese kids' entertainment programs on Indian TV

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Doraemon, Shin Chan, Ninja Hattori with other Japanese entertainment programs should be banned from Indian Satellite TV!

I am sure many parents would like their children to stop watching these entertainment programs. The children in the age group of 2.5- 10 yrs watch way too much of these programs and essentially learn ‘nothing’.

Bans on screen-time, regulation in TV channels and parental control may help but even the little amount of exposure to these programs have damaging effects. With the ever-increasing exposure to tech gadgets, I am sure every parent is faced with uncontrolled TV- time and less physical activities. We need programs that are centred on knowledge in a fun manner as opposed to fictional, grotesque and misbehaving characters.

Some pointers on top of my head are as follows, please feel free to add to these if you feel the same like I do:

1. These characters have really ugly appearance and demeanour. Children tend to imitate their voices, expressions and actions.

 2. There is nothing to learn from these characters, Jian the bully, Shinchan the mischievous brat, Nobita who has no interest in studies, Suniyo who flaunts his wealth in front of his friends; Ninja Hattori and Doraemon are actually a works of fiction – these characters do not inspire, teach or motivate anything in kids.

3. Most of the protagonists are helpless and lazy – Nobita starts crying at the drop of hat all the time. Shin Chan bothers his parents and even schemes evil plans against his caretakers

4. Violence is apparent in these programs

5. The shouting, yelling, lack of values concerns me the most 

6. Extreme fiction, involving time travel, bongo copter and gadgetry stuff which is just intolerable. It is acceptable to trigger imagination and innovation but such robots and ninja fighters will not help our children.

7. None of these characters have any good habits like reading, playing a sport – most of them are always demanding attention and help from friends and parents. Most importantly, obedience and disrespect forms an integral part of their conduct.

Let’s take in cognizance the effects of these programs and request IBF and minsitry of Information & Broadcasting to ban these programs. I am sure these aspects touch all classes of households irrespective of their economic class.

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