Non-Institutional Child Abuse Survivors - Deserve a 2nd Royal Commission

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I grew up believing I was born cursed, plagued by a never-ending series of unfortunate events beyond my control. My life has been a constant struggle, at times I have been brought to my knees feeling cursed. 

 After a lifetime of living with Complex Trauma , PTSD, BPD and Major Depression,  I have finally found the strength to openly share my story about my harrowing and unbelievably cruel life.

 My story is one of a profoundly sad Displaced Child who suffered sadistic Sexual / Physical & Mental Abuse  / Substance Abuse / Multiple Suicide Attempts, Rape, Coming Out and now a major illness.

  - This is some of My Story. 

“Being abandoned or given up on is the most devastating emotions we can cause in another human being.” – Gary David Currie.

When I look back at my childhood all I remember is Fear and Sadness. I will never know why I was treated so cruelly there is no rhyme or reason to it  I was an unwanted birth and the disturbing fact that my Carers and their families actually took great pleasure in tormenting me.

The only consistent memory I have of my childhood is of being abused and sexually interfered with.

I had been abused and molested by different family members since I was a baby, it had gone on for so long it became routine. So much so, I just assumed that it was normal. I never questioned what was being done to me, it was just the way it was. 

All my life I was told I was a Ward of the State, I finally applied to the Freedom of Information to release all my childhood documents pertaining to my Ward Ship. They conducted a thorough search in many areas but only managed to find a few childhood health reports. - I received an email stating that " Nil Documents" were found...  Apparently, I slipped through the system like thousands of other children.

 I was placed in the temporary care of a family when I was a baby by the Supreme court and then somehow forgotten.  – By the time I was 15 years old I had moved 18 times, shunted between my two dysfunctional families to be brutally sexually, emotionally and physically abused. No wonder they lost me I barely knew where I was myself. 

Sexual Abuse within family circles is one of the worst kinds of crimes. If a burglar broke into your home and stole your possessions, you would immediately report it to the police and the perpetrator would be apprehended. Yet, someone can break into your life, rob you of your innocence , steal your feelings of self-worth, cripple your ability to trust others and no one responds to your cry for help. 

There is a lot of fear involved in telling people you are being abused. Abusers often manipulate the child with fear and threats. It may sound irrational, but these fears follow you into adulthood. And there is the personal shame involved. Let’s face it; it is not a pretty thing. But unfortunately, not talking about it is what allows it to continue to affect generation after generation of our children. When we keep these secrets, the abusers are able to walk around unscathed, and the victims live in fear that their truths will be known.

People have often asked me if I reported the abuse to authorities. Well, Yes, I did. I reported my abuse numerous times but no one would listen. I told one of the family members what was being done to me instead of helping me, I got slapped across the face and told to abruptly instructed to stop causing trouble.

Nothing improved as I got older, the abuse got so bad that I ran away at 13. Unfortunately, the police found me and took me to the station where I told them about being abused I went into graphic detail, I begged and pleaded for them not to return me. Needless to say, they outright ignored me and I was sent back to the very people I was warning them about.

Everybody around me was well aware of something very wrong, even my school wouldn’t allow me to do homework because of the severe beatings I would get if I got my schoolwork wrong. Yet, despite the fact that I was a nervous wreck, wet the bed, twitched and blinked my eyes and nose uncontrollably had bruises all over my torso ..No Body Saw Or Heard Anything... Nobody wanted to get involved.

You see the cold hard truth is..  I was an informal Foster child palmed off between Foster families so many times that I literally became lost in the system. I ceased to exist. People could use, abuse and mistreat me and no one and none cared less.

All I ever hear is people making excuses for the Victorian Government and how the paperwork wasn't a priority back in the day" Well, I bet it would have been a priority if I owed them money they would have tracked me down and hounded me. 

The Victorian Government failed me as a child as it has failed 10s of thousands of Abused children they betrayed us.

The government’s Betrayal of Trust Report introduced a ‘duty of care’ in 2017 where supervision or authority over children reasonable precautions were to be taken to prevent child abuse from occurring or face an automatic presumption that they failed in their duty of care. - Well if this is the case then the Victorian Supreme Court is definitely negligent in their duties and should be held accountable.

This is the reply from a so-called Child Abuse Crusading Lawyer 

Your Common Law Claim -  We wish to advise you that upon review of your file, we do not believe you have a viable common law or redress claim. - Our evaluation is based upon two key reasons. -  The first concerns an issue of liability. - Your abuse did not occur by State of Victoria employees.  As such we cannot make out a vicarious liability argument, which in essence, makes liable the State of Victoria or any other institution for the wrongs committed by its

The second issue concerns legal guardianship.-  The State of Victoria were not your legal guardian at the time of your abuse and you were not a ward of the state at the time of your abuse. - This means that we are unable to say that a particular institution was responsible for your guardianship at the time of your abuse.

Although we empathize with your past circumstances and believe your allegations, this is not sufficient to make out a legal claim...Case Closed... (How damn cold)

I have endured the vilest most despicable abuse imaginable, the cruelty is incomprehensible, yet because it wasn't a priest it means nothing as there is no easy money in it for them. The Victorian Government failed me as a child.

Out-of-Home Care - Placing children with relatives, foster parents or in residential care facilities is called out-of-home care placements.

Foster Care – placement with foster parents 

Voluntary Care – placement where there is no court order requiring a child to live out of their parent’s care. ..  Note: - The parent consents to a voluntary arrangement with a relative or service to care for their child Temporarily)

Due to a lack of records, there is no proof I was a Ward of the State yet I  living " Out of Home" I was placed in Care and raised by people other than my own biological parents. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement but nobody ever followed up who I was living with. 

The Royal Commission was established to investigate institutional child sexual abuse, yet completely overlooked "Non-Institutional Abuse".

 There is so much emphasis put on Institutionalised victims, yet incest survivors who have been violated by  family members continually get ignored, the topic is still "Taboo".

Thankfully the Clergy Abuse has been exposed and now the spotlight is turning on foster home abuse.e Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse Should have included Foster Homes.

-  Like the Church Child Abuse - Child Abuse is still happening.

 It's Not Over and Now its ALL Child Abuse Survivors time to be heard. We have the earnt the right to demand a 2nd  Royal Commission.

 Now, because I was  Not institutionalized and raped by a priest, I do Not qualify for National Redress and Lawyers avoid incest cases like the plague, even though the Victoria Government was negligent.

** National Redress Scheme: -  (The scheme does NOT cover Non-Institutional Abuse, such as by a family member)

It shouldn't hurt to be a child and we shouldn't have live with that hurt all through our adult lives 

Isn't it about time NON-Institutional Survivors of Abuse have a Voice?