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Release EA SPORTS UFC 2 on PC

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Dear EA Sports,

 We would like EA UFC 2 to come to PC. There is an underserved market here. We like MMA. We like video games. If you make it, we will buy EA UFC 2 for PC.

It doesn't have to be the best PC port ever, but we would appreciate it if you optimized it reasonably well and included  things such as resolutions above 1080p, framerates above 60 FPS and a decent options menu to tweak settings to suit our likes and needs. And mod support would be awesome. That would really make this thing take off. Just look at Skyrim and how well it has done and continues to do years after it's release. This thing would sell like hotcakes if it had mod support. A huge number of gamers want this game on PC, this is the only fighting game that I love, I and a huge number of fans EA sports ufc 2 will thank you.

To my fellow PC gamers, sign this petition and share it far and wide.

Thank you EA SPORTS.

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