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Tell CITES NOT to list African Greys on Cites 1

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The demand for African Greys in the mid and far east, is much bigger than what they breed in their own countries, they rely on imports. If there is no captive bred African Greys available, they will just turn to wild caughts. Cites 1 will cut off the supply of captive bred Greys that they import.

The listing will not save a species as it will not address the issues within the range areas. The effort to save the species should start in the forest, which are being erased, in educating the buyers and in promoting sensible captive breeding.

WE think that countries need to protect the habitat, provide an alternate means of earning a living other than trapping for the poor forest people, control the flow of birds through Kenya and other countries that supposedly control the wildlife trade but which are so corrupt that they will turn the blind eye, force Asian countries to better monitor trade, encourage the acquisition of captive bred individuals over wild caught and employ a control means such as microchipping that permits monitoring of the wildlife in trade. Unless this is done, the ban will be ineffective as it will merely control the legal trade-- the trade that primarily involves captive bred individuals and which is not the problem. This is why the WPT proposal is ludicrous: it puts a bandaid on a major wound and does not address the reason for the wound.

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