Keep Bowsette Unreal ~クッパ姫公式化運動反対


Keep Bowsette Unreal ~クッパ姫公式化運動反対


発信者:Stop the Fan-art Destruction 宛先:Gabriel Rodriguez


This movement

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may lead to destruction of our secondary creative activities.

"Super Mario" is a masterpiece of Nintendo, it is a world-class content. It seems that still careful consideration is being done as to how it will move in the future.

If it became official, there is a danger that secondary creative activity all about "Bowsette" will be PROHIBITED. This is because the world view of "Super Mario" that has been created over the years has been modified, and the plan of the derived game is also ruined. To compensate for it, it is not unnatural to shut down the secondary creation so as not to increase the involvement of outsiders anymore.

But that is not the most fearful thing.

Although a certain net news came out to behavior which deviates from ordinary (directly contacts Nintendo about Bowsette), Nintendo corresponded to "Being refused to comment". In such a situation, if an obsessive opinion that "adopt the idea of the origin of the secondary creation" is confronted, it will be forced to break the silence that should have passed through.

Even if Nintendo does not admit it, it is possible that the proponents lose their judgment and make a big protest against Nintendo or raise the voice of condemnation. If you look at too much enthusiasm of those guys, that possibility cannot be denied.

If you have a prudence, you can easily predict what kind of endings are awaiting. Also, in the worst case, the image of "those who make Nintendo angry and angry" widely penetrated, and it is also inevitable that the rumor damage that any innocent creator who used Bowsette is put together.

They don't know how absurd they do.

Why should birth caused by secondary creation have a negative effect on secondary creation? Even if our creative activities are restricted by giving priority to their own desires, will they say that we should look quietly?

In order to prevent any harmful effect, it is necessary to display a manifestation that "I do not agree with the formalization campaign".

"Bowsette" must be fan-art.

Stop this shallow signature movement soon!




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