Stop "Ginger" Prejudice in Commercial Advertisements

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A Recent Irn Bru social media Advertisement campaign showed a Ginger Tan Colour chart including derogatory names for white skin such as "Dirty Ghost" and "Spanked Lobster".

There is no reason why Irn Bru or any company/ brand should look to profit by making a mockery of any minority group of individuals.

ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) refuse to act on this because they believe that Irn Bru consider themselves "Ginger" and therefore it is an "In Joke". They will not act because they do not believe a large number of people will be affected by this.

No organisation can have a Race, Skin colour etc and therefore can never justify mocking a minority group by associating their brand with that group of people.

Please sign and let's inform the ASA that all Bullying should not have a place in media published advertisements. All people should matter when eradicating bullying.