Make 'Drop and Pick Up' Charges flexible as per bottleneck at the exit gate at Airports

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I visited Ahmedabad Airport to drop my wife at 8 am in the morning. The entry gate had little or no bottlenecks and I entered smoothly. I was given an entry ticket with in-time 7: 51: 40 (7 hrs, 51 min, 40 sec). I dropped my wife and reached exit gate within 10 minutes (which is the free allotted time). There were 3 cars in front of me. As I checked out at the exit gate, the ticket collector asked me to give 85 rupees. I cross-verified the bill he gave me. It read- 10 min 17 sec. I had to pay 85 rupees for crossing 17 seconds after 10 minutes and that also when it was not even my fault (as there were 3 vehicles already in front of me). 

I am sure a lot number of people in India must have faced this issue. We don't intend to stay for more than 10 minutes when we go to drop or pick-up someone at the airports in India. Traffic jams at the exit gate are a common scenario at the airports and we are being falsely charged of 85 rupees for crossing 10 minutes. 

When you have CCTV cameras monitoring the traffic and security at the airports, why not employ some smart solutions to charge only the real offenders who deliberately cross their time limits. 

I request Ministry of Civil Aviation and Airports Authority of India to look into this matter very seriously as so many innocent civilians are looted off their pocket even when the desire to follow rules. Such unregulated free collection at the airports are not encouraging de-congestion but doing just the opposite.

Please regulate fees charged from vehicles coming for Drop or Pick up at the airports in a rational way.