Ahmedabad City to be renamed to Karnatavati

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Since, last past 20 years citizens of a city Ahmedabad are constantly demanding name to be changed to Karnavati and there are many deep reasons attached with it.


1. Ahmedabad means "We are worshiping Ahmed, the King". That is totally not acceptable because as a King Ahmad Shah Badshah was extremist, womanizer and destroyed many great artistic creations.

  As per a book Mirat-E-Sikandari, it is very clear that Ahmad Shah was not secular.


2. Question always comes to mind that why to go for other changes like building new colleges, hospitals etc. before making such changes like name change then we need to understand that Ahmedabad does not come even under 20 polluted cities of India.


3.  It has two giant government hospitals where free treatment is given not only to Gujaratis but special travel buses are arranged for Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan who comes to Ahmedabad because of lack of good government medical treatment in their states.

4. It has 100% 24/7 power, water supply and only metro city in India where girls enjoy coffee on its highways at 2 AM in the night which is very very usual life here.

5. This city wants to relive its glorious past when its name was Karnavati and renaming a city and making a proud of it should also not be a case of some section of a society but for all citizens.

6. There are very clear Jain manuscript historic evidences that cities' name was Karnavati.


We want our culture back and as we live in democracy, name should not be on the basis of king worship.