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List Rupee Cryptocurrency on KuCoin

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Rupee is an innovative cryptocurrency which aims to specifically reduce the remittances costs for people living in South Asian countries. These countries - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia, Nepal - are home to 2 billion people and receive over 100 billion USD annually in inward remittances. In addition, these countries receive the largest amount of international remittances by various donors, charities and international organisations.

These remittances currently happen through banks at a huge cost (typically 10-15% of the transaction) and incur significant delays. A large number of the beneficiaries in these countries have no bank accounts but are mobile phone users.

Rupee cryptocurrency aims to significantly reduce transactional costs to a few cents and provide ultra quick transfer of money using mobile phone wallets. This makes Rupee, a truly democratic cryptocurrency: by the people and for the people!

Rupee cryptocurrency is launching a fiat exchange (Rupeebase) in 2019, profits from which will be used for future development and charity. This would see Rupee cryptocurrency being adopted massively and see substantial growth.

KuCoin is a highly regarded international blockchain assets exchange with a high performance team on course to become one of the top 10 exchanges in the world. KuCoin provides superior service at highly reasonable costs and rewards new user inviters. All these are highly cherished by the users of Rupee cryptocurrency. Listing of Rupee cryptocurrency by KuCoin Exchange would significantly widen access to Rupee for a larger number of international users. KuCoin listing of Rupee would bring in significant uptake of Rupee which translates into very significant cost savings for the users and very rapid adoption of blockchain technology in the South Asian countries - the benefits of which go much beyond monetary gains.

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