Tempus Public Foundation- pleading for Scholarship results as soon as possible

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Dear Sir,

This is a collective email from Stipendium Hungaricum applicants who have been nominated in the main list from their respective countries, have received acceptance from their first, second or third choice university and are patiently waiting for the last two months without an iota of information about the expected date of results.

Believing the deadlines mentioned in the Call of Applications document, all of us were hopeful that the process would be over in July. Many of us have resigned from our jobs and many of us didn't apply in the universities in our own countries or start any new job as we firmly believed that we would get a decision of our application according to the mentioned deadlines. But still we are clueless about our fate and don't know whether we should find a job or take admission somewhere else or wait for the decision from Tempus Public Foundation.

Moreover the visa process and university registration process after arrival also takes time. Any more delay in the decisions will not allow us to obtain visa in such a short span and thus we won't be able to arrive and join the universities in Hungary before their respective deadlines.

We would like to know from your side - 

When will the Tempus Public Foundation give us our results? If possible kindly give us a concrete date.

Will special provisions be made from the Hungary govt to allow us to obtain visa in a short span?

Will the universities give us any relaxation if we are not able to arrive before deadlines due to the delay in process?

All we are asking for is a reply so that things can become clear to us. Please find the attached emails and names of applicants.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,