Unbanned people on Steam, which was given a red tablet for commercial activity.

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Cases have become more frequent when support for steam has banished (disabling the possibility of exchanging items, using a trading platform and buying games in steam) of ordinary people for their commercial activities on their accounts, without understanding the problem. Banyats of ordinary people whose accounts do not belong to any casinos and other third-party sites, just for selling on sites like market.csgo.com.

Although they have nothing in the rules about how many items a day can be exchanged and sold on their trading floor, so that it is not considered commercial activity, i.e. you can exchange as much as you want, do not lead the business with their accounts (casinos, case discovery sites).

For example, I banned the account with inventory in CS: GO at $ 10,000, for what I traded on the market.csgo.com website.