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Let gamers from Macedonia(FYROM) purchase with Macedonian Denar in Steam Store

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We are the gaming community from Republic of Macedonia(FYROM), the reason for this petition is to adjust the unfair pricing of Steam Store in this country.

We are located in Europe, but we are not in European Union. Our currency is Macedonian Denar. The minimum wage is approximately ~213€ and average wage is ~363€. This makes purchasing games as little as 20€ is a luxury in this country. Steam has a major role in the gaming industry, it brings millions of gamers together. But in order for people from Macedonia to enjoy the games from Steam. The prices needs to be adjusted properly. These high prices push a lot of people to piracy.

We pay the same prices as Germany. Let's have an example of purchasing an AAA title. Average salary in Germany is 2265€, and an AAA title usually costs 50€. So, this game is just %2.2 of their salary. If a Macedonian with average wage wants to buy this game, it would cost %13.7 from their salary. This is a huge difference that prevents thousands of gamers from purchasing the games that they love to play.

All we want is Valve to adjust their prices properly in Macedonia. Either to bring Macedonian Denar as a currency option or lower the prices of games according to the economy.

Please support this petition if you agree with us and Valve to hear our voice!

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