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Protect the Wildrose from transmisogyny

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The goal of this petition is simple: Have the Wildrose Bar in Seattle publicly declare that its policies protect trans women. That they will state that they will henceforth:
- Welcome trans women to the establishment
- Take reports of trans women being harassed or bullied by other customers seriously
- That people who have a public history of harassment of trans women not be allowed on the premises. This includes: documented specific abusers and stalkers, people who are publicly known to attack trans people in general, as well as any people known to be more generally misogynist (Alt-right demagogues, misogynist movement leaders, public facing social media trolls, etc).

As of time of writing, the petition creator has no reason to believe that those statements are not already policy at the Wildrose. But even if they are, a public re-statement of them during this period of time when trans women are under attack from multiple angles (bathroom bills, increasing prevalence of far right ideologies etc) would make a powerful statement that the Wildrose is committed to protecting the queer women's community most vulnerable members.

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