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Reintroduce ACT light vehicle registration stickers

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To let people know that a vehicle is currently registered, not abandoned or stolen.

RAPID works for law enforcement, but not for the general public, even though there is a current website listing registered vehicles, this does not help when a vehicle is driven under stolen plates.

We had a recent instance at our local shopping centre, where we witnessed suspicious activity within the carpark. It appeared as though number plates were being stolen from a parked vehicle. We observed said suspicious vehicle leaving the carpark. We were able to ascertain the actual vehicle registration via the registration sticker as there were no number plates left on the vehicle. We then approached the local supermarket to report the incident and had the registration number announced via PA to attempt to locate the owner. Luckily the vehicle owner was an employee and appeared immediately. We notified the vehicle owner of the number plates of the suspicious vehicle and she then informed the Police.

We were later told by this staff member that the getaway vehicle's number plates were also stolen.

We also question the issue of vehicle accidents, and the ability to correctly identify the current registration status of the vehicles involved, without a registration label. Or a smartphone.

If this doesnt give ACT Rego a reason to bring back current registration stickers, perhaps the amount of fines for people not being aware their Rego is due will. Or not???



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