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#PAXNORTH Proposal/ Petition

Greeting to who so ever stumble upon this; whether they be The Penny Arcade Expo Executives or a person who desires to experience PAX but has no means of travel to its present locations. This petition is designed to show the demand for an official Penny Arcade Expo in Canada, particularly Toronto, Canada and to encourage dialogue to make it so.

But first here’s an explanation as to why this petition was created to begin with.

When it comes to the Convention scene in Canada, while there are many Cons that showcase games; there are no large scale exhibitions that are design solely for Gaming Culture. And time after time it seems that any small venues that try to create a game based multiple day expo; funding, media coverage and attendance falls short and they don’t last long. Not only that but Canadian game developers (because they have to travel to the US for the main PAX shows) are losing the opportunity to survey a large sum of their target audiences in their own country. And as mention at the beginning many Canadians who can’t afford the travel expenses miss out on experiencing their country’s own culture. If we were to have an exhibit such as PAX in Canada; demands would be met for both Canadian developers and consumers.

Location will also be mentioned in this discussion; to which will be proposed: The Enercare Centre

While the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is more used to such style of entertainment expos; the grand fault of the MTCC is that it’s booked year round. The next best solution and quite possible better locale would be The Enercare Centre, the largest Convention Centre in Canada, located within Toronto’s Exhibition Place, near Lake Ontario. It features multiple rooms/salons and halls for panels (some of which can combined if needed) with patron capacity reaching over 15,000 daily; depending on need for show-room space of course.

When it comes to provided tech, wireless Internet and telephone is accessible. The ability to do Video conferencing/streaming is also possible. Not only that but the building will meet all sufficient power demands for all departments.

If you wish to see more, the following link is to their official site.


While this is only the beginning of talks to hopefully create the Penny Arcade Expo experience in Canada, one can only hope you the reader finds this insightful and agree with these ideals. If you do; please sign this petition and share it across social media and news outlets. Canada needs to have a large scale convention to celebrate its Gaming culture and with your help it can happen.