NBN Sky Muster Discrimination. Costs and data limits should be equal to all Australians.

NBN Sky Muster Discrimination. Costs and data limits should be equal to all Australians.

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This petition is about fairness to all Australians regardless of where they live. The national broadband roll out was supposed to give all of Australia, reliable, high speed, affordable internet but depending on where you live, that is not always the case especially if your only access to the NBN is via Sky muster or satellite connections.

Unlike all other connections, Sky muster is expensive by comparison, it doesn't have the same options for data limits, as the rest of the country, and the data that you do get costs up to 3 times and sometimes more, than other means of connecting to the NBN, available to the rest of the population.

Not only that but the data package you pay for today, through Sky Muster, can not be guaranteed that you will have the same package available to you in time to come. Already, Sky Muster has reduced the size of the packages available to its customers from when the new satellites came online, because more people have wanted to use it and with Sky muster having a limited data output, the more people wanting to connect via this method, the smaller the data packages will become, that will be available to individual connections.

This severely restricts just what a person using this system is able to do, online. Some examples are, live streaming video is extremely limited, to a day or two at most, out of the month without blowing out your data allowances.

Netflix and other streaming channels are the same, a day or two at most out of the month before you blow your data limits.

Gaming,Turn-based online games like Candy Crush, Chess and the such will let you play for hours for the whole month but if you are a serious gamer and are looking for fast response online gaming action, like racing games, first person shooters or roll playing games then you are going to blow your download limit in a matter of days and have nothing left for doing anything, including emailing, for the rest of the month.

I think that people who are forced to use the Sky muster system are being discriminated against in the fact that they are not afforded the same data allowances as other services, like fixed wireless and telephone connections, as well as the cost associated with Sky muster packages being so much higher than other means of connecting to the NBN.

If the NBN can't provide the same data packages to people who are forced to use the Sky muster network as their only means of connection, then the NBN should either subsidies the costs of the data supplied to us or only charge the same as they would through any other connection, otherwise, those of us who have no alternative but to connect to the Sky muster network, are being discriminated against due to our demographic location and the NBN's inability to provide what was supposed to be affordable, high speed internet to all of Australia.

I would like to be able to live stream what I do on my property as I know there are a lot of people interested in what and how I do things. I would also like to be able to have  Netflix as well as a number of other streaming media sites and I would love to be able to play fast response, online games as well, but it just is not possible for me to use any of these services for more than a few days out of each month without using up all of my data allowances for the month, in doing so, if I connect to the Sky muster and for me as well as thousands of others, it is Sky Muster or mobile data. We don't have any other choices because the NBN do not deem us a financially viable option to make other services available to us.

It is bad enough that the government didn't think that the average Australian would need or want a high speed, affordable internet connection and instead of continuing with a roll out that would have provided just that, have wasted billions of dollars trying to make it work on an antiquated copper system that is completely outdated and unable to cope with the demands of what is being expected of it now, let alone the demands of the future. To tell me that I have no alternative but to have a expensive data connection that does not fulfill my wants and needs from what has been promised to all of Australia from the NBN, says to me that I, along with everyone else who have no other choice but to connect to the NBN via the Sky Muster satellite, am not included as a part of the rest of Australia and therefore am not entitled to what is being provided to the rest of this country without paying far higher prices for less than what is being provided to the majority of Australia's population.

If you feel the same as me and don't think that you are being treated equally to the rest of Australia and are being charged more for a service that provides less than what the majority of other people are getting, please sign the petition.

If you sympathies with those of us who are forced to use the NBN though the Sky Muster satellite connection and agree that we are not being treated equally to the rest of the population who have the choices of either fixed wireless or connection through the phone lines and fiber optics, with unlimited data packages available at affordable prices, please sign this petition.

If you agree that we who have no alternative but to connect via the Sky Muster satellite for our NBN, are being discriminated against through the excess charges and limited data packages at inflated prices compared to what is offered to the rest of the country via the other connections, please sign this petition.

If you think that this government has botched the entire NBN and it will never be what they promised it would be, please sign the petition.

I would like to see 100,000 signatures, or more, in support of this and thank anyone in advance for supporting me and the thousands of others who should be given the same connections and data for the same costs as the rest of the country.