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Shut down all public online fund raising immediately.

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Jahi McMath was a 13 year old young girl who died back in December of 2013 in California after bleeding post surgically and going into cardiac arrest resulting in complete brain death.  She died.

A coroner issued a death certificate.  Jahi McMath is legally dead.

The family, unwilling to bury their daughter, moved her body to New Jersey where the state laws allow you to keep someone on life support regardless of diagnosis based on religion, which does not have to be proven.

There are susceptible people in the world who can be tricked or misguided into thinking this girl will wake up at some point by confusing coma with brain death.  

Donations were and are given to this family, which in the past were proven by internet posts and irrefutable photos, that the family was spending their gofundme money on expensive dinners and designer items.

There are countless articles that can be found on patients who woke from a coma after several years.  The difference between them and Jahi, is they WERE NOT BRAIN DEAD.

Each and every time one of these articles finds its way to a Jahi support page, some gullible person gives this family more money.

Dolan, the families attorney, tried unsuccessfully to have the death certificate reversed.  I believe he already knew it wouldn't be.  The judge had yet another physician declare Jahi still dead at this time.  

The only time the public hears anything about this little girl is when her mother puts a pair of glasses on the dead girls eyes and posts the photo online.

Granted, much of the donations have ceased, but they do continue to slowly trickle in and it absolutely must stop.  One of the last photos published was Jahi's eyes smeared with glittery eye shadow with a baby on the bed next to her.  Morbid and macabre.

The family has publicly and blatantly claimed the public has photoshopped and altered Jahi's photos to make them look the way they do.

I believe Ms. Winkfield would want to contact CNN or another news affiliate station that would reach everyone at the same time (not a local station) and show Jahi, her current state on video, without blankets, without glasses, without anyone speaking or prompting from family, video close-ups of limbs including but not limited to fingers, toes, eyes and throat.  

A respected and revered non-biased physician there to do a full brain death exam on camera in front of the entire country explaining each step as it happens.  It should be on live television without editing.

This will never happen because Jahi McMath is dead and the family is well aware of that and it has been 15 months since her death certificate was issued.

If you have never seen the families way of spending the gofundme dollars, or have never seen Jahi's pitted and decomposed limbs, I encourage you to look at pictures posted by this family before they yanked them off the internet.  

Videos showing ice cubes making Jahi's feet move supposedly on command are not due to coma or signs of life.  The public must research on their own before giving away money.  Involuntary muscle movements can happen with brain dead patients.  

If Jahi's mother stands there long enough and say's "C'mon Jahi, move your hand, move your foot, C'mon move it" and repeats this over and over and over again, eventually, there will be a muscle twitch.  This is not a sign of life.

Doctors and nurses throughout the world can tell you why this happens with brain death.  When the heart is still hooked up to life support, limbs will twitch.  It is not, nor will it ever be by command and Jahi cannot hear them speak to her.

Decomposition/Necrosis can be clearly seen on a photo of Jahi's fingers from more than a year ago (See above).  We do not see any type of updated photo due to blankets pulled up to her neck when any "new" photo is released online.....which are few.

The entire story, along with photos from Nailah Winkfield (Jahi's mother) and family can be found and viewed here:

Now, the family is suing the hospital claiming they are responsible for the death of their daughter.  From Courthouse News: " The family's attorney Bruce Brusavich, of Torrance, said in an interview that he has not filed a conditional wrongful death claim before, but that case law allows the pleading of "alternative facts or theories."

Would one of those theories be she's dead, has been dead and will continue to be dead?  

This fund needs to stop now!  This is the biggest scam to hit the public in a very very long time.  Help us stop this family from gaining anymore funds from kind, vulnerable people.

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