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October 11 2016 in an update Super Hero Squad online told us ... it was over. The countdown has begun. Play it while you can because in 2017 Jan its a memory. I cant accept that. Here is a portion of what I wrote both marvel and Gazillion-

I am a single father and have full custody of my 12 year old and we enjoy switching between SHSO and Marvel 2016. The varied gameplay and sometimes simplicity of SHSO and its adorable childlike innocence is what made it great. I know the show was canceled (Which we have seen and still watch from time tot time and still laugh) but the game gave us something to hold on to.

In March I was diagnosed with Leukemia right now thank God I am in remission but am awaiting a transplant which will pull me away from my son for 3 months. One of the few things we looked forward to was playing Marvel 2016 and SHSO intermittently. Alas now it seems come January it will no longer be something it will be lost in the past as if just a thing that happened. Those who played it will remember the joyous laughter making Captain America Burp red white and blue or Wasp fart sparkles. Where else could that even be a possibility. Now it will be just a fond memory?

I cant bare the thought. I know that Marvel 2016 is your money maker and its probably more a fiscal decision than anything else. I uas an adult more than understand that ... but deny the future youth of making their favorite marvel characters do musical armpit farts or go on missions or even the card game. That seems like a travesty. In that I hope and pray that you respond to the query ... Is their nothing we as a community can do to save SHSO?

We can petition we can fight I am sure my son and I are not the only ones willing to save SHSO Please let me know ... Perhaps a go fund me or kickstarter campaign to revamp renew and restart? Anything please ... we are begging to not let this slip away into the recess of the past! It deserves so much more than that.
Signed by Father and Son


I have created a fb account - and started this petition in the hopes to prevent this travesty from occurring. please now if ever ... its time to Hero Up.

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