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Petitioning / President TOMISLAV NIKOLIC. / BORIS TADIC:/TOMISLAV NIKOLIC. Please enforce Your animal cruelty laws to stop animals cruelty.

I love animals they have feelings like humans do and should not be abused or killed.It is wrong to sexually assult any female women or animal.

Letter to / President TOMISLAV NIKOLIC.
Please enforce Your animal cruelty laws to stop animal cruelty.POOR DOG WAS SEXUAL ABUSED AND TORTURED! Until she died -LOZNICA SERBIA, PRESIDENT TOMISLAV NIKOLIC!There have been many reports circulating in Europe that the Serbian Authorities are not taking the actions that they should to ensure the proper treatment, care and control of animals within Serbia, a country hoping to obtain membership of the EU within the next two years. During 2006 we in the United Kingdom were supplied with many reports of Dogs (Canines) being rounded up, held and finally slaughtered in many Serbian towns/cities.

Witnesses from these Serbian welfare organisations were able first hand to document the methods and procedures associated with street animal control by many Serbian authorities which appear to have been contracted to do the killings, and possibly using EU Enlargement monies given by the EU to do this.

"Welfare campaigners noted and witnessed several street Dogs which had been rounded up and were now being kept at the local pound. Many photographs of these dogs were taken, samples of which are provided in this letter for your review. We know that the Garbage collection for the city of Smederevo is undertaken by a public organisation called KOMUNALAC; and also that the dogcatchers (Shinters) employed by them are attempting to keep their dog killing secret. We have also obtained documentation showing a Report produced by the Veterinary Inspector of Smederevo as a result of a visit made by welfare campaigners on Friday 29th September. We note from the report that the entire pound was declared empty of dogs. "

"We were informed that the veterinary here has destroyed between 6000 and 7,200 dogs. We have very strong concerns that facilities at this town are always made unavailable to the public and that the facility is protected by monitoring cameras on the outside. We have been informed that if anyone who has lost a pet goes to the facility to try and find their dog, they are not allowed in and are asked to give a description of their animal. People are usually shown pictures of dogs in the facility on a monitor but always never end up being re-united with their own animal. They are always informed that their dog is not at the facility. We suggest that the animals in all cases have been destroyed."

"The dogs are usually killed by the injection of T-61 into their lungs. Once they have been killed, the bodies of the dogs are moved to the garbage dump facility where their bodies are usually covered by the placement of at least one layer of rubbish in order to hide the killings that have taken place."

"Sources have informed us that the dogs were killed by a variety of procedures including stabbing with Pitchforks, clubbing to death with mallets; the use of the drug T-61 and also the use of Nuvan, Kreozan-poisons. We would like to make it clear that the use of drug T-61 has NOT been considered an acceptable euthanasia drug in the United States of America since 1988, when it was withdrawn from manufacture, and also not accepted in Canada since 1994."

"One dogcatcher has informed the welfare organisations that he would want them to attempt to stop the killing of the dogs as he can no longer stand the terrible nightmares that he suffers as a result of witnessing dogs being killed with the mallets. We find this method of destroying living and healthy creatures completely unacceptable, regardless of where it happens."

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