All students deserve a fair play!

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This issue only relate to  the People in NSW of Australia.

For all the parent with children who is in the small public school which is not on the " top" of the school ranking list, please be ware of this issue which will affect your children's future. For all those years, the way the current education system assess all the students and the way they score all the students is affected by the school average scores, that means even your child is really the best and got the same high score as students from "top" school in the opportunity test held on year 4 or the selective test on Year 5, he probably couldn't has any chance to enter all these best school due to the poor school ranking.  Because the school score will contributes 50% to the final score, if all the students in your school have poor final exam results then the whole school score is adjust downward  to lower the student's final score. For these reasons, it caused all the students rushed into the so-called best school, and this has bad effects on both the "good" school and " normal" school. The "good" school expands every year and the students get less and less attention and school resources from teacher. And there are a lot cases that parent use the fake address in order to enroll their kids in the better school. For other not so good school, even the best students who will has less opportunity to get in the selective school and it might make huge change for their future.

So I wish the Department of Education of NSW government could consider this issue and make changes of assessment system which is not faire for the students from not-so-good school. Give every talented students a fair play stage whatever school they come from. It will solve the fake address problem and also students will prefer to go to the local school if all the school have same opportunities.

The best way to do this is consider all the students as a whole without judging their school background by only take consideration of the  exam results ( It can include all NAPLAN and the final exams scores). By this way the students from all school will have same opportunity. 

Please support this petition if you care about your children's future, if you love your small school and don't want to transfer to the so-called good school, if you don't want your school gets crowded. It will benefit all.