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This is a petition calling for an end to proprietary blends.

What is a proprietary blend? It’s any selection of ingredients that is given a fancy name by a

company. Look on the back of a protein shake, a weight loss pill or any other supplement and

you might find among the other ingredients mention of a ‘weight loss mega blend’ or ‘muscle

burst blend’. Beneath this dubious title will then be a list of ingredients that go into making that

blend. But the key thing of note here is that there is no mention of quantities.

That’s right: supplements companies are under no obligation to share how much of each

ingredient goes into a proprietary blend. They claim this is to prevent competition and to offer

something unique. But let’s be real: most of these companies hardly offer anything

groundbreaking. The real reason these blends are here is so the company doesn’t need to

acknowledge the very small amounts of ingredients that they actually include. With a

proprietary blend there’s no guarantee that the 200mgs is not 199mgs of caffeine and .1 gram

of everything else.

And if you are trying to limit your intake of – caffeine say – then you have no way of knowing

how much you’re consuming.

Stay away from proprietary blends and let’s get this situation fixed!

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