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End of Genocide

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Dear Reader, 

Have you ever heard of The Holocaust one most famous mass killings of all time? If you have or haven't there is still a very probable chance that you don't know about the other GENOCIDES that have happened throughout history and to this day.

My name is Blake Pastron and I am a seventh grade student. I am working on spreading awareness abour genocide with four of my classmates.  Genocide as the dictionary discribes it is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

Genocide is a problem in our lifetime that claims millions of lives. It can be committed by many people and nations for many reasons. Genocide can be committed by a terrorists, and governments. For example, a government can commit something called democide which is when a government does not take care of their people and they die. An example of this is when a government doesn't feed their people and creates food sacruty so that millions die.

Genocide is a serious issue and we encourage you to research genocide on your own. Please sign our petition so that others know. We hope kids as well as adults are aware of this problem in our world and want to do something about it. Thank you!

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