Hope For India At Miss Universe

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Once Osmel Sousa (who is considered a czar in Venezuelan pageantry) said "If you see a Miss India in the final 5 of any pageant then it's time for other girls to pack their bags and go home because a Miss India won't let anyone win in the interview round"

But unfortunately, no miss India has secured a spot even in the semi-finals in the last 3 years in Miss Universe pageant.

What Could Be The Possible Reason?

There are many who believe that a girl should get sufficient time for preparation if she is representing her country at the prestigious Miss Universe pageant. It is observed that our national pageant Miss Diva which selects the candidate for Miss Universe pageant is held approx a month prior to the final event which gives the winner no time for preparation at all.

Let's talk about Miss Universe 2018 which is rumored to held in September this year approx 15 countries have already selected their representatives for miss universe 2018 such as Cambodia, France, Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Serbia,  Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Nepal, Russia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Sierra Leon, Mexico, Ecuador, USA, South Africa and Thailand will crown their candidates in the month of April 2018 or most probably earlier in the month of May. Hence many countries prefer to give at least 4-5 months of training to their candidates and basically leaves no stone unturned

In this new format of continental system, it has become more difficult to get a placement in the miss universe pageant considering the fact that Asia is a very competitive continent when it comes to pageants.

What Can Be Done?

If we stick to the schedule then miss diva pageant might held in the month of July-August 2018 whereas miss universe is expected in September and again our girl won't get more than a month to prepare and polish her skills.

And hence many pageant enthusiasts and fans have suggested that this year ( 2018) we should appoint a strong miss India contestant from the recent years and should send her to represent our country India in miss universe pageant for eg. Vartika Singh, Koyal Rana, Priyadarshini Chatterjee, Apeksha Porwal to name few are expected to have potential to make India proud in the miss universe contest.

How does handpicking help India in 2019

  • It gives us time for the 2018 rep and also for 2019 rep. Time which has been one of the primary reasons for our failure at MU in the last few years.
  • The quality of girls will improve and a full year of training will help us get better quality candidates for 2019.
  • In the long run, it will be beneficial for Indian Pageantry. A good placement in each pageant every year will help us reclaim our glory and will, in turn, help us get pageants which we have lost that is Miss International and Miss Earth.
  • It will also allow some deserving girls who have been runner-ups to represent India internationally.
  • Also, another thing which this will help us do is move the pageant dates, Since FMI will now happen in June, DIva can move to April ( taking the earlier slot of FMI)
  • This can help us experiment, but with what? State pageants for miss diva 2018 would be a great way to help get better girls and not waste potential girls for Diva.
  • To elaborate the previous point we can have two state winners one for Diva and one for FMI. And when the pageant happens we have prepared girls who can bring back India's lost glory at many international pageants.

And hence we urge you to sign this petition and support India to find it's way to reclaim the honor o being called the powerhouse country in the world.

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