Stop using their work to make it your own!

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I was just speaking with a friend on Skype when I found out that someone had taken their work and changed it to post for themselves. 'ABigGuy4u' took her picture and changed it to make it look like Hitler. Heres a link to the real imageAnd heres a link to the ruined image He even named the ruined picture 'I'll be the one to save us all'

He didn't ask permission to do so and he didn't link my friend in the description as the original artist. 

One person confronted him on his profile, this is their conversation

'Bunnyrabbitluv' is in bold and 'ABigGuy4u' is in italics

"Are you serious?"

"Are you?"

"Yes I am. Trolling is one thing but taking other peoples art and making them Nazis is terrible."

"Oh I see how it is.Your discriminating against me for expressing my German heritage. Why don't you do the world a favour and delete your account you racist."

"1) It's you're, not your. If you're going to troll, at least know how to speak proper English.

2) Not all Germans were Nazis. Many Germans who rebelled against the holocaust were also brutally murdered, just like the Jews. If anyone is racist it's you for "embracing" something that killed billions of innocent people."

"Lol you can't correct someone's grammar then misuse the word racist. And your wrong.

All Germans were Nazis it's a historical and biological fact."

"I didn't misuse it. Not all Germans were Nazis and not all Nazis were German. Why don't you take an English and History course? I bet you're just some bored twelve year old with nothing better to do than be an ass."

"12 and a half actually :^) "

"That makes perfect sense."

It is obvious that what he is doing is wrong, he also made fun of the 9/11 event in one of his recent pictures because someone had commented about how he was using others pictures. Heres a link to that photo 

I really do not understand how sick you have to be to make fun of that even! Almost 3'000 dead and over 6'000 fatally injured. For many it marks a death of a loved one but to him its just something he can search to use as a joke!

Its disgraceful what hes done, I urge you sign this to stop him from continuing on! 

Heres more of his so called 'Works of art'

Nver 4get

Evidence sample 1

Nazi Tiger

Hitler tiger 2: electric boogaloo

The real fuuuur-rer

The fursecution of Gazans

The youth march on

Would bang 10/10

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