HTMLCOIN Community: Amando, HTMLCOIN CEO Resignation

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One hand and one voice, we are HTMLCOIN community calling Amando Boncales to resign and assign a new CEO to lead the foundation. 

Amando has fired 3 teams since November 2017, and failed to deliver the project's milestones such as the freelance platform (HTMLCOIN.Business), elearning and many more that were stated in the whitepaper. You can get the whitepaper by clicking on the following link:

The community had many concerns over the last year, mainly about the foundation governance. Amando decided to ignore all requests to ensure that governance takes place and that is why he fired a team after another as he wants the foundation to be led by him and only him. 

HTMLCOIN community deserves a transparent leader who answers questions, a reliable leader that does not cross the lines and take the community seriously. Therefore, we call HTMLCOIN community to sign this petition so that Amando, the CEO of HTMLCOIN foundation resigns and hires a new leader with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to ensure the success of the project.