HSUS: Hire Exec Director with Chimp Experience at Project Chimps Before Another Chimp Dies

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Project Chimps, a sanctuary for chimpanzees "directly controlled" by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is failing its mission “to provide lifelong exemplary care to chimpanzees retired from medical research”. 

Throughout 2020, third party experts documented the failure of Project Chimps to maintain adequate animal welfare standards for the 78 chimpanzees in its care (Now, 77. Alex the chimp died on 1/26/2021). Most recently, as part of an assessment to provide sanctuaries with feedback on their care and management practices, primatologist Steve Ross gave Project Chimps a 67% on its welfare management programs. This D grade corroborates the animal welfare allegations made by two dozen employees and volunteers. Among the biggest animal welfare problems is the infrequent access to the outdoors. The chimpanzees have access to the outdoor yards once every three days for just a few hours. For the rest of the time, they are kept in concrete enclosures.

At Project Chimps, the chimps do not receive individualized diets, novel enrichment, daily access to the outdoor habitat, or preventative health screenings for conditions unique to this population, such as heart disease and Hepatitis, which is due to their experience in medical research.  

In order for Project Chimps to uphold its mission, HSUS, under the leadership of Board of Directors co-chair Susan Atherton, must hire an Executive Director who has chimpanzee behavior and ecology experience; who commands the respect of his or her staff and peers in the primate sanctuary community; and who instinctively prioritizes the welfare of the animals. Project Chimps must also appoint two people to its Board of Directors who have captive chimpanzee experience.

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