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Address the problem of child abuse and neglect in homeschooling families.

HSLDA, an organization with revenues of over $10 million a year which purports to "advocate for homeschooling", has fought to weaken protections and enforcement against child abuse and neglect, to allow abusive and negligent parents to withdraw their children from school, and to weaken children's legal rights, while publicly defending the character of convicted child abusers who homeschool their children.

All children deserve to be treated humanely and with respect. No child should have to live in fear of abuse or neglect.

As former homeschool students, homeschooling parents, and community allies, we demand that HSLDA takes a stand against child abuse and neglect in homeschooling families.



Letter to
Chairman and Co-Founder, HSLDA Michael P. Farris, Esq.
President and Co-Founder, HSLDA Mike Smith
and 1 other
Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly
Every child deserves the protection of their bodily integrity, a life with dignity, and an education which prepares them for an open future. Abuse and neglect should not be tolerated within the homeschooling community.

As a member of the community, I ask that you take a stand for the well-being of homeschool children and address the problems of abuse and neglect within homeschool families.

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