Show local support for Syrian Family settlement in Haddenham

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Syrian refugee families have given up everything to flee their war-torn country and find a new home as part of vibrant communities in the UK and Europe. They want nothing more than to settle somewhere safe and begin contributing to, and integrating into, our community.

We would like to do our part by supporting a family to settle in Haddenham. As one of the most well-connected and largest villages in England, we hope to give a family a stable starting point for their new lives and a taste of the wonders of the English countryside. This resettlement is under the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme for welcoming a limited number of people people into the U.K. with clear guidelines from the government about how the scheme is to work. 

In order to be fair to both the family and the village, and in order to secure a sponsor in the Village Society, we need to explore the level of support for the project in the village. Please sign this petition if you support the idea of the village becoming home to a refugee family, so that we can begin this important work. You won't be signing up to help out in any way, just showing that you're ok with the idea.

If you do want to help out, however, or have any questions, please head over to our Facebook group or check out

Nb. please only sign if you live in Haddenham, Bucks.