Emotional Wellbeing not Stress in the workplace

Emotional Wellbeing not Stress in the workplace

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Harm to employees includes work related stress, reduced emotional wellbeing and reduction in the ability to be resilient. If stress is allowed to flourish in Organisations, Emotional Wellbeing will not happen and productivity suffers and ill health costs.

An Organisational Risk Assessment for stress is a legal requirement but few organisations are doing it regularly and it appears few inspections occur to check as HSE described on their website there had been "years of little action".

Risk Assessments for stress can also highlight Emotional Wellbeing in the Organisation, providing feedback on initiatives and general health of the Company.

Anyone can be affected by adverse reactions to excessive work pressures (stress) and serious ill health and even death can result. Stress can kill :( 

The HSE hold the power to encourage Business Leaders to lose their fear and face the reality of the pressures in the workplace today, measure them using an Organisational Risk Assessment and discuss the findings with the staff and their representatives.

An easy to interpret tool would be a great help and we would be wiling to share our experiences in this area.