Bring Finula home for Christmas and for good.

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Finula is a 39 year old woman with severe epilepsy and complex intellectual disabilities, from Blackwater, Co. Wexford. Ireland.  Up until now, she has lived a happy life in the sole care of her parents, and despite the challenges of her condition her cheeky and happy personality shines through. 

Finula's parents noticed a change in her condition recently and she was admitted to Beaumont Hospital, Co. Dublin in September for tests, during which the monitoring of her seizures over one night, measured in excess of 200. Because of the low levels of staff in Finula's hospital ward a family member is required to at the hospital around the clock to provide the level of care Finula requires. This is putting considerable pressure on Finula's immediate family particularly her mother who spends 14 hour days with Finula. Finula's parents are in their late 60s, with their own health concerns and her father has just undergone major surgery. Despite the team in Beaumont attempting several therapies they have been unable to make a significant change to Finula's condition. 

Over the course of Finula's stay in Beaumont her condition has deteriorated - her mobility, her communication and her personal care needs.  It has been agreed by her team in Beaumont that the acute clinical environment she is in, is making Finula severely anxious and depressed. She constantly pleads with her family to be taken home and cannot understand why she can't go home. Her family are forced to walk away from her bed every night with both her and them in tears.

The hospital team have agreed that Finula's parents are no longer able to care for her in her current condition without home support. They also believe that no significant improvement can be made to her condition while she remains in this acute setting and that she requires her habitual environment, where she can be more easily accessible to her friends and family.  Her family desperately need some home help for her to enable her to come home but they have been told by the HSE  (Irish Health Service Executive) that there is no funding available for Finula, despite her being one of the most vulnerable members of Irish society. 

A home support package for Finula would help her get back to her loving home environment and the routine that she loves, among her family who have been her sole carers up until now.  Going home would lessen her anxiety, and hopefully her seizures, and allow Finula to enjoy her life with her family. 

The home package that is being requested would provide assistance to Finula's parents for a few hours a day and does not include overnight care when Finula's seizures are at their worst.

Despite the HSE's knowledge of the opinion of her family and her team of doctors in her absolute requirement for this home help package, they are refusing to provide it. 

As confirmed by the healthcare team in Beaumont, her family are victims of their own success – had they failed to care so avidly for Finula for so long, she long ago would have come under the attention of the HSE and her family would have been given some much needed support. As Finula's parents were always hesitant to make themselves a burden or to make a fuss, they never received what was deserved – adequate support for their mentally disabled daughter. 

This situation cannot continue and now that Finula's family have finally asked for help from the services who are meant to be Finula’s long term health care provider, she is being neglected and not receiving the care to which she is entitled.

Please sign the petition to the HSE to demand more help for Finula and to show your support for her and her family. They desperately need Finula home. Christmas is Finula's favourite time of year, she can't be forgotten about and left to spend it in hospital.  We cannot allow our vulnerable members of society to be treated in this way. Please help us raise awareness and make a change. The family are very grateful to people who have chipped in with donations to promote the petition, ultimately we need signatures so please don't feel obliged to donate.  This money gets used to advertise the petition on it won't get to the family.  You can help raise awareness without donating by sharing on facebook, instagram, whatsapp etc.

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