Birth Doulas must be granted access to support their clients in Irish Maternity hospitals.

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Birth Doulas provide continuous physical, mental, emotional and informational support during pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. A Doula is a non-medical support to the birthing person and partner, and a birth companion of choice that is an essential part of the care team. 

With the onset of Covid-19, in March 2020, and the introduction of the ‘one birth partner only’ rule, Maternity hospitals in Ireland have essentially prohibited Doulas from attending births, as clients were forced to make the difficult choice between their partner and their hired Doula.

The Doula Association of Ireland is asking that the Doula profession be included in the return to work roadmap and be granted access into hospitals to support their clients during labour and birth.

We have contacted every Maternity unit in the country and the majority which issued us an answer allocated Birth Doulas into the category of “visitors”.
All of the members of the Doula Association of Ireland are professionally trained, Garda vetted, and insured to work as Birth and/or Postpartum Doulas. Doulas are not visitors. We are professional labour companions asking to be treated as such.

Pregnant people and their families deserve an answer as well as dozens of professionals which comprise an important section of the birth industry and who are currently out of work with no prevision for returning.

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