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help this family keep their home

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In the past two years, this family has lost their husband and father, Alan (pictured with his wife Maree), to cancer and been cheated out of a large sum of money by his former business partner.

Alan's widow and children have been advised that pursuing the former business partner for the money would be lengthy, expensive and possibly unsuccessful.

They have put all of the family savings, and Alan's life insurance, towards the debt. All that is left is the family home. If that is sold to pay off the debt, his widow will be left with no money for rent or a new property, and will have to draw benefits.

The family does not dispute that HSBC has a legal right to demand that the house is sold and the debt paid.

However, were HSBC to show some compassion, by writing off or reducing the debt, this would let the family grieve in peace, without having to sell their home. It would also be a good, kind and generous act.

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In a recent letter to HSBC, Jenny's mum said, “I have lost a dear and loving husband of 39 years, our two children have lost their wonderful father. I have had to accept that I will never be as happy as I once was, and that I will not have the life with him I thought I would have. But I have to try and build some kind of life. I am not able to attempt this as this matter hangs over me at all times. I do not sleep well and have spent months trying to resolve  this matter while grieving for my husband. I have paid over all the funds I have and do know how to  carry on anymore, my life is very bleak and I desperately need some help from someone.”

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