Global Petition: Immediate Unfreeze the HSBC accounts of GNND Church 要求滙豐立即解凍好鄰舍北區教會之銀行戶口

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【Global Petition: Immediate Unfreeze the HSBC accounts of Good Neighbour North District Church】
Not only the sole account of the church (with the unsuccessful experience of setting bank accounts at other non-China funded banks in HK) was found frozen today (7 December) without any prior notification nor justification provided, but also the accounts of the Church pastor, Mr. Chan Hoi Hing Roy, and his wife have been allegedly frozen.
In 2016, our church became a registered charity (IR No.: 91/14411). All the fund raised are legal donations from parties who wish to support our actions on serving the needy including those who are being ignored.
Since the establishment of our church, we have been engaging in various community services for grassroots to act out Jesus’s love. Our Hostel for Homeless started in 2014, which has provided 30 free hostel places in North Districts, Yuen Long and Kwun Tong to serve more than 70 cases with the assistance of social workers. During the pandemic of COVID-19, Social Welfare Department has approached our church several times, aiming to look for accommodation for the homeless. Freezing the church account would lead to immediate termination of the hostel service, inevitably forcing the homeless to be homeless again.
This is no doubt an act of political retaliation. In the past year, our group “Safeguard Our Generation” mainly comprised of middle-aged and elderly volunteers was determined to offer humanitarian aid to protestors at the frontline. Gracefully, most Hongkongers could see that Jesus is present by how we love each other, showing faith and care in the unprecedent social movement, while we, together with the widely respected paramedics and truth-seeking journalists, were ridiculously considered by the regime as opposition to the government. The purge has never ceased, just like the rasset freezing case of the self-exiled Democrats, Mr. Ted Hui and his family. Such incident has severely eradicated dissent in Hong Kong, suppressing freedom among religions and community service workers.
We are now urging HSBC to unfreeze the relevant accounts and to provide justification on freezing the accounts earlier. HSBC is undoubtedly exploiting the well-established independent financial system and sabotaging the benefits of individuals and groups of Hong Kong, as well as foreign investors within the territory. Hongkongers will demonstrate their determination in saying “NO” to injustice with what they own in hand.