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HSBC Bank: Stop the eviction of horse farm therapy center for autistic children

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I sold my home in Norcross, GA to build the Parkwood Farms Therapy Center 11 years ago to provide non-traditional therapy for children suffering with autism- like my 16 year old son, Julian, through horseback riding. Children come to my farm and are transformed by these unique opportunities. But now, an eviction stemming from a wrongful foreclosure is threatening to shut down the entire therapy center and farm, as well as displace three generations of my family.

A few years ago, we discovered that the loan we took out on the farm was in fact a predatory loan. Our original loan was sold to another company and our rates more than doubled. We have been trying to work with the banks to modify the loan but instead, we were served with an eviction notice last week. Now, we are seeking a temporary stay on the foreclosure.

We were forced to suspend our classes and move all of our horses to an animal rescue. This wrongful foreclosure is not just affecting my family- it's affecting the 40+ children and their families and over one hunderd volunteers who depend upon Parkwood Farms Therapy Center. Children like Maya, who came to Parkwood unable to speak and one year later is communicating through words and song. Or Branden whose father says "I tried all kinds of activities with him...and being one-on-one with the horse is probably the greatest thing for him. He looks forward to it every single week."

Please sign our petition and tell Everhome Mortgage and HSBC bank to stop the forced eviction and modify our loan to make sure we can keep the Parkwood Farms Therapy Center open so children can continue to benefit from its unique and important therapies.

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