Petition update

Victory!!! A new note from Dr. Peterson:

Ryan Eller
Louisville, KY

Jun 22, 2013 — My family and I have been fighting with the banks for almost three years to save our home, and the home of Parkwood Farms Therapy Center where children with special needs learn and grow by working with horses. The bank refused to negotiate a new loan or even begin talks to avoid eviction -- until I started a petition on

Thanks to your help and the 195,525 people who signed my petition, the bank was willing to work with us! I’m happy to say that while there’s still work ahead to fund all aspects of the center, next week we meet with HSBC and Everhome bank to officially close on the property. We’ve saved the farm, and classes will continue for all the kids who have special needs in the area.

I can’t express to you how much it means to me and everyone who needs the farm -- you truly helped my community stay together. Keep being a change-maker.


Dr. Marilyn Peterson


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