Save Leather Lane Oak Trees from HS2

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Please, please sign this petition to stop HS2 from felling the majestic oak trees on Leather Lane in Buckinghamshire: an ancient single track, country lane in Buckinghamshire which joins directly onto the A413 between Great Missenden and Aylesbury.

Residents in the surrounding area are concerned that the nature of this ancient lane will be completely destroyed in a matter of weeks. Many residents, including myself, were told that this lane was going to be a cut-through for the HS2 train line and that there would be the plantation of new trees in the surrounding fields either side of where the cutting of the earthworks for the track would be. At least fifty large Veteran Oak Trees were marked with yellow tags last week along Leather Lane for tree felling contractors to cut down and remove. When questioned about this, the contractors initially said that they were only removing ‘vegetation’ being careful not to mention anything about the beautiful line of +hundred years old Oak trees that are to be taken down.
After speaking to contractors and planning consultants this week, they revealed that they are not required to disclose information to the public about ANY trees that are to be destroyed. This apparently, is due to the high number of protests and interventions by upset activists who risk their lives every day to save the trees. There must be a way to ensure that the public and in particular residents that are affected by the HS2 project, are informed of what the (Government) Ministry of Transport is up to. They provide information to residents about geological survey activities and trial holes etc, but they conveniently reserve any information about the destruction of trees and natural habitats. The residents have no information about the exact number or location of trees that are being taken down.
The residents on Potter Row (the road adjacent to Leather Lane) have just been told that a number of these oaks are to be removed to accommodate a haul road and temporary construction compound. It is an absolute disgrace to destroy these ancient oaks to make way for a “temporary” compound.
There is no logic as to why the haul road and compound can’t be accessed from the A413 where there are no residents and less trees would need to be removed. The second option would be to position the compound on the other side of Leather Lane where there are no trees at all. The problem with all of this is that there is someone sitting in an office with a map making desk-top decisions without appreciating the beauty of the location. There is always another solution to minimise the amount of destruction that is going on in the area.
In an ideal world I am sure we would all wish for this road to remain unchanged. However, the HS2 project continues to go ahead, so even if we cannot save the road, let’s at least try to save some of these beautiful oak trees from being needlessly destroyed for temporary measures. Speaking to residents in Great Missenden and The Lee, it seems that people have been completely unaware of HS2’s plans to cut down these beautiful oak trees. Residents in the area are angry that they have been duped into thinking that these natural habitats will be preserved and are naturally upset that they have been misled. Please help us stop this travesty of so called “progress” over an area of natural scenic beauty before it is too late.