Tunnel HS2 Through LS26 & LS25 (NO Viaducts!)

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The viaducts HS2 Ltd propose to build that pass through Woodlesford and Swillington are totally unacceptable. We demand that HS2 Ltd tunnel the proposed mainline and branch routes through our area.

HS2 must go Under Not Over the Aire Valley.

Nearly 3 miles of HS2 track will tower 30-40m (100-130') high over Woodlesford and Swillington on the proposed mainline viaduct. The concrete pillars supporting the viaduct are likely to have a gap of just 33m between them. It will be totally devastating for our communities, both during construction and forever thereafter. 

The HS2 trains travelling on the branch line to Leeds will be underground for less than 1 mile under Woodlesford. On the approach to Manchester 15 miles of track will be in tunnels. We deserve and demand the same level respect from HS2 Ltd and Government to mitigate the impact on our beautiful valley.

HS2 has been accused of cutting costs on the northern leg of its route in order to make up for overspending in the south, after it was revealed that only 2% of the Yorkshire line is to be built in tunnels, compared with nearly 30% of its track between London and Birmingham.

The government is not meeting its commitment to “minimise the local environmental impact of the new railway wherever possible by using tunnels, deep cuttings and existing transport corridors".

Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth – an area HS2 will pass through – said the figures confirm a feeling in Yorkshire that there is “one rule for the Tory marginals in the south and a completely different rule for the north”.

He said the fact that HS2 would not pay for parts of the route in Yorkshire to be in tunnels reinforced “the idea that the north is a place where they can save money, make cuts and leave communities damaged to the benefit of the south”.

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