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Mental Health - Expose Social Service's Taking Children From Parents. Dismissal Of Concerns

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Hi my names Colleen Awofeso, 25 years of age and a mother to 4 beautiful children. 

Growing up I was in and out of care. No sense of direction nor any parental guidance. I was put on a full care order and then moved to Wiltshire at 14 by Bromley social services. Growing up I never received the help I needed to help me grow into a fine young lady with no deep issues that would affect me in later life. I was just left to grow older, it was like they were waiting for me to hit 18 and chuck me out.

I had my first son at 19, jumped through hoops, was sent away to be assessed, passed then came back to Wiltshire to reside with a foster carer with my son. I fell pregnant with my 2nd son. Was honest with social about my new partner etc, yet for some reason was sent away again until I had him. Was assed again passed and.returned to the community but in our own home. From the get go we were worried but was promised the area we were placed was for six weeks. We ended up staying there for 4yrs. In this time I lost my two boys, due to being mentally ill and domestic violence, but removed my boys under the ground there dad hit my youngest which was found to never be true. Yet never returned them, used every other excuse. Boys were put into care where there human rights were taken advantage of but nothing was ever done. 

Oct 7th 2014 I gave birth to my princess, 13 weeks early. She spent five months in hospital receiving specialist care, later discharged, and we were once again sent away to be assessed. Passed assessment again and was so hands on with my daughters medical needs, apps as well as her breathing apporators, after no one really believing I could handle the stress, and me and her father would end up arguing, resulting into him beating me. We once again returned home.

July 27th 2016 a major domestic incident happened and my children's father could have killed me. He was later found and sent to jail. In this time I had my daughter. 18th August 2016 he's released from prison, my daughter is removed as they believed he would return and do it again, they didn't think the local police would keep us safe, even with the detective in charge saying they would do everything the could to keep us safe. It wasn't good enough and she was removed. Everyone including her health visitor was shocked, complaints were made about the way the local authority dealt with my child and me by other professionals yet swept under the carpet. Her care plan wasn't adhered to yet this was never looked into in court.

Understandably as a mother loosing her children I had, had enough and had no real respect by this point for the authority. They had no concerns about my care, yet still took my babies after what he did. 

28th June 2017 I gave birth to my second princess. During my pregnancy understandably due to losing my other children she was already on a child in need. We had a sw who actually seemed to care and want to help and see us succeed. For.some reason she was taken from us with no explanation, only a sorry from the service. No incidents had occurred I was led to believe I was keeping her and she was coming home. They escalated it to Child protection for no reason then pre proceedings with no reason again. My midwife and health visitor complained yet again it was swept away. The day I gave birth to my last child I was buzzing and in complete oare. A social worker came in and congratulated us. First thing I said was are you taking her ? I was.told no in front of the safe guarding midwife and that we was either going to a mother and baby placement, assement unit or back home with some support around us. I was so estactic and was happy and I want scared. Two days at hospital they took her. They lied to me, why ? I'll never no and nor will the midwife's ever understand why either. The pain I felt was unreal, I felt sick, like my heart was bleeding. I handed her over and left without kicking off.

In court I was told there is nothing wrong with my parenting which I completely agree with. I'm a fantastic mum. The only thing I have really is a mental health issue. I've begged and begged for help and support from the local authority as a child and a adult for help. Never wanted to. I've never done nothing to my children to harm them, but I see how I can kick of at sws gives them cause for concern. 

They took her, me and her dad started to argue constantly police being called constantly because we were grieving for our daughter. I finally got.a CPN and finally on a course to help me understand my emotions. Yet no one cares. 

I don't see her often, once a.fortnight because im not being assessed and that's all they can offer me. There ment to update me but fail on doing that also.

Four weeks ago I saw my baby at contact and her neck stunk. It had.dirt in it etc. I showed.the social workers they smelt it and there faces turnt up, it was not a nice baby smell at all. She had big lumps of ear wax hanging on her ear lobes which I pointed out also, as poop from a previous dirty nappy still left in her creases st the front. Also showed them. Was told the carer would be spoken to as it was unacceptable. 2 weeks later I'm being told the smell and stuff in by baby's neck is dribble yet she isn't dribbling yet nor teething. Everything else seemed somewhat forgotten. My daughter yet again be forgotten.

Earlier this week I received my update.of the sw. It consisted of photos. One photo clearly showed my four and a half month old baby on a play gym on a dining room table. The sw dismissed this and said she was on the floor. She after sent another email stating that in fact she is on a dining room table but there are no care concerns because she isn't rolling yet. She shuffles, and tries to sit up. I don't think its acceptable or safe. I wouldn't dream of doing it. So why should the foster carer ? Someone who is and experienced carer.  L I said I never lost my kids due to crap or insufficient parenting. Lost them as a result of being in care, the system and my parent's messing me up and not giving me the help I needed. I can't let them do the same to my baby. No way. I can be a mum and have a mental health issue. Its how you manage it. 

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