Kingswood Drive - Register your opposition to speed bumps

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Work started today on repaving Kingswood Drive, Hammonds Plains.

Speed bumps at civic numbers 24, 45, 77, 103, 135 and 171 Kingswood Drive are due to be installed as part of this work.

Apparently, no consultation with the community is necessary before the work is done.

Many people in our neighbourhood have concerns about the installation of these speed bumps e.g. effect on response times of emergency vehicles, damage to private vehicles, etc.

If you are opposed to the installation of speed bumps on Kingswood Drive this petition is for you.

While consideration was given to simply asking people to participate in a petition to  ask for public consultation, numbers speak volumes and it is important for the powers that be to know the number of residents who are opposed to this work.

Public consultation would also be welcomed though.