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Return the Statue of Edward Cornwallis

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Halifax City Council recently removed a statue of our city's founder, Edward Cornwallis, to appease vocal Native activists. Their campaign was based upon a selective reading of the history of the settlement of our city, conveniently emphasizing negative actions of Cornwallis while failing to mention their own violent actions at the time. Further, it is highly suspicious that: (1) the issue of removing the Cornwallis statue was put on the city council meeting agenda "at the last minute," though Native representatives were apparently present to watch the vote; and (2) the city work crews were at Cornwallis Park to start tearing the statue down at 9:00 the next morning. Meanwhile, several polls showed a majority of people in Halifax wanted the statue to remain exactly where it was, while an internal report expressed fears that an activist rally scheduled for several days later held the potential for violence. It smells like this whole thing was cooked up ahead of time so as to get things done very quickly and prevent opponents from protesting the removal until it was a fait accompli. HRM City Council is just trying to remove a problem, hope people will forget about it, and pray all the fuss just goes away. Lets send a strong message to city council from the citizens of Halifax and Nova Scotia that appeasement is the WRONG way to respond. Demand that the founder of our city be returned to his rightful place!

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