Exam in such situation will lead to Disastrous situation. Safety of one, is Safety of all.

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We, Final year students are not testing kits for government. We are not feared about exam rather there is a fear of community spreading. You can maintain social distancing in Exam centre but what about hostels where we have common washrooms, common mess.

A day scholar may get infected on the way and when we will go home, we dont want to infect our parents who are senior citizens. Our immunity can be strong but not of our parents . This is glimpse of few issues, there are lot many issues faced by us.

So i request all student unions, students of India to come together and lets fight against this one sided decision. Exams are to be given by us, not by authorities of Universities.

Various university students of Guru Nanak Dev University,  Punjabi University, Punjab university, Delhi university, Kurukshetra university, Tamil Nadu University, Bihar Universities and various other state , central Universities must come together to fight it.

A single person cannot make change , but we all can make change....

"ENSURE SAFETY OF ALL , then we will think on EXAMS"

Share it further so that we can sign it quickly by most of students and take next action and do write ur university name, if possible.....