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Safety and Security rechecking of all the schools to ensure that our children are safe

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In lieu of the number of cases happened inside the top notch schools in NCR directly abusing our trust and faith in them. Each and every school should have adequate and optimum safety plans in place for a variety of emergencies and, to ensure that each school continually meets our security expectations, security procedures are reviewed as needed and periodically throughout the year.

Not only this, we need to see the checklist of the safety measures in the school, we are sending our children to. This should include:

1. Fire and Emergency Exits

2. Playground Rules. Some of the schools keep roaming around with the children in various branches in the name of the availability of the infrastructure. Usually from the Primary to the senior wing, which is truly concerning

3. Parents enter and exit procedures. Access Cards to be provided to the guardians or the parents

4. Transportation of the children to and fro the school. How can be the availability of a guard and a maid ensure that the child is safe? What else?

5. Central Security Alarm inside the washrooms, or wherever the children may go alone even inside the school premises

6.  Most Important - Background and other checks of any personnel hired. 

Please people, help me spread the word to ensure not only the security and safety of my daughter but any kid whether they are studying at a premium or a government school. Let us strive and exert ourselves to NOT having any more Pradyumann and Devansh. 

It is important to understand the gravity and the seriousness of this issue. No education is complete in an unsafe and uncomfortable environment.

And at home, let's talk with our kids. Let us become their friends. Give them an environment, where they can openly share, the events happened during the day or anywhere they go.