Re-Conducting exam Or Re-Conducting the torture?

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Board exams are not a matter of joke. 

NO matter how much one says that the 10th marksheet doesn't matter, the sense of accomplishment will stay with us for our lives. Due to this board exams are a source of panic, anxiety and in some drastic cases even suicide. (More appropriately it's murder)

The decision of re exam is both meaningless and disturbing. It's the fault of a few but the whole country has to suffer. Why? HRD ensures punishment to the guilty. But what about students like us who studied day in and day out to score well in Mathematics? What about us who were blissfully celebrating end of exam and had no clue of papers leaking? What about those who suffer from panic attacks at the mere thought of Math exams?

Why does the innocent have to face the terrible ordeal all over again? Many of us even have plans for further studies. Tickets are done, admissions taken and what not! And all of it goes down the drain because a few chose the wrong way?

We definitely want CBSE board to punish the guilty. However we don't want the innocent to suffer. The torture of board exams is a lot to take. Once gone, we can't do it again.

Please sign this petition if you're against this decision of re exam. It will do no good. The ones at fault just get another opportunity whereas the innocent will just have to suffer again.

In the hope of punishing the guilty, dear CBSE please don't punish the innocent. 


A student who lost 5 days worth of sleep for the exam,  on behalf of the whole country.