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Modification in the indian engineering education setup.

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To:- all the expected future engineers of the country.

Isn't it  tough to bear a dull and boring one hour lecture. How many times in the midst of the lecture you've asked to yourself, "why the hell I'm sitting here. What will I get even after listening to him/her. Afterall, the only thing prof. is saying is to note down the answers from the board, answers which are most probably expected to arrive in the external examination.

Friends, engineering is thought to be one of the best professional courses all across the globe. But, if we mistake engineering to be mere texted theory, sorry! then we have to continue attending the same dull lectures.

Marks are said to be an important parameter. Ok, accepted! But, even after 70 years of independence, aren't we so disable that we're still running on the same parameter of marks. Globe has changed, corporate world is transforming every next minute. Man is planning to go and settle in totally new planet. Each day, some awestruck and amazing tech-news comes from the other side of the globe and we; we are still running upon marks parameter; just reading about what others countries are developing, each day, every day!

Are we just living to yawn in classes, waiting for lecture to get over? Then Go to the hostel, come back again the next day and, and again repeat the same thing. Repeat the same the four years hoping that life will change after for four years. And, unfortunately, finding ourselves incapable of getting jobs. This is no more a hidden fact that only 31% of indian btech graduates are worth getting jobs. And In my opinion, remaining 69% of the people are the cause of India's underdevelopment. They increase crime (in which, corruption is also included).

Parents, society, relatives and neighbours say that the unemployed graduate is incapable. Who knows that the problem is the system, not the 69% majority. When people don't get interests in what they are doing, they search for alternatives and that's the reason for people diverting from their goals. I've seen so many people. Ask them the very first day of btech. Their dreams are those of Google and Microsoft. Same person; after 4 years is confused whether to start preparing for bank entrance exams or to take a small job in some profit-focused service based company.

If you get through this article and are convinced, sign this petition because who knows , change.org petition might work. If not, then do leave a comment about where I'm wrong. Bcoz I'm not going to stop and bear the same system. It's against the interests of student society, above that; its against the pride of the nation, which even after having so much potential, is barred by the non-enthusiastic education system.


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