Introduce a subject on "Understanding Religions: need and horizon" in schools

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Given, India: Home to many beautiful religions of the world; and Democracy in India.

Problem:- Interreligious conflicts.

Solution:- A better understanding and communication, is what I feel, can solve many problems including this one.

India is said to have unity in diversity but many a time this diversity and lacking unity lead to blood-stained consequences. I strongly believe that the conflicts and riots are not because of religion but often in the name of it. NO RELIGION ALLOWS KILLING THE INNOCENT LIVES. The sensitivity and faith attached to this issue often make large-scale campaigns ironic.

This is why there arises a strong need for solutions at the grassroots level. Using Education as the medium- when children and youths study the essence of different religions as well as their limitations, they will be in a better position to not be manipulated and also carefully assess the scope of the effect of religion in their lives.

Any violent act in the name of religion not only affects the people involved in the crime but also several thousands of followers of those faiths. Thus, stopping the hatred and violence in the name of religion is necessary and education is I suppose the best course of action as it won't lead to riots or violence as constitutionally the formation of the religious groups cannot be stopped even if they do what they do- right or wrong!!

P.S. you know the reason and I won't state it in particular but I must say this," Creatures who harm innocent lives have no religion. Be it any terrorist of any organisation or any member of a religious group. " Also do tell me which religion justifies this:-

I only know for sure My god does not, and if he does I do not need such a god.