Better Primary Education and Skill Development in India

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Right to primary education is a fundamental right in India. It is the duty of the Indian government to provide education to every boy and girl up to the primary stage. Primary education will enable a child to learn to read and write. It will enable him to use his vernacular language and learn the simple rules of arithmetic. But this system is clearly not sufficient and has certain loopholes.

Honing skills and holistic development is of paramount importance in today's day and age- where there is cut throat competition. But unfortunately, the government aided primary education goes nowhere beyond the set curriculum which ends up making students merely carbon copies of each other.

There is a vast gap between the primary schooling in an international board versus that of a government school. The students of international boards have got a varied choice of subjects. Moreover, there is focus on several extra curricular activities for holistic development

On the other hand, the free elementary education is sub par in many rural places of India. The infrastructure i.e. libraries, classrooms, sanitation is of no quality in these schools. The faculty let alone the facilities is pitiable in many cases. Recently there had been many videos resurfacing the interweb in which a teacher was teaching gibberish to students in the name of alphabet.

The government needs to make the job of a primary teacher more attractive by increasing the pay so that it will attract competent men for the job. Government should bring in uniformity in the curriculum and standards of the primary education, irrespective of the board because we're referring to the common youth of India.

For our country to progress holistically, we are in the utmost need of skill based approach and better primary education. The skills in children must be explored, trained and perfected; and this needs to begin in primary schooling.

So join me in requesting the HRD Ministry of India to improve the current plight of primary education in our country.