No to category based reservation

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Inequality encrypted in the form reservation is affecting everyone. I wish for an overhaul regarding the criteria for reservation. Many candidates belonging to economically backward are unable to get a fair chance, simultaneously many of my friends belonging to opulent families get unfair advantage just because of their surname. It goes without saying, someone who has already availed reservation has already made it premium for him and his successive generations and he should not be given the benefit of reservation. If we can have OBC creamy layer, then why can't we have SC/ST creamy layer or a General Economically Backward category.  classic example TINA DABI, belonging to a good background, she got all the opportunity  and why was she selected in Prelims, at cost of a mertious guy,  just because she had a surname. THIS violates RIGHT TO EQUALITY and is not acceptable. This will affect the nation, as a part of  the economically backward  won't be able to progress and at the same time a portion will get a very unfair advantage.

What is hurtful is that after giving them resevation in a prestigious colleges, they get same education and hence are at par with others but still avail reservation in jobs. Why is that, are we general category second class citizens of the country. Why do we have so much injustice.

We need reservations for people who actually need someone who is disabled or may be Economically backward (irrespective of category) and it shouldn't strangle merit. After all graduates will build the country  in their respective field and I want my country to be the best for which we need the best(graduates) and at the same time we must uplift the backward(Economically and not those who have category brands). It's our county it's our right, we must fight, for ourselfs, for our successive generations and for our county. I love my country, proud to be an INDIAN.

If you think I wrote something wrong, rather than criticising me, please correct me.

Thank you.

Jai Hind.