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Mandate use of open source OS Linux in schools, banks, critical infra and gov institutions

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All of India will depend on the flow of information in the digital age. The corner stone of this data flow is the operating system used by majority of the people. We must act now to not be dependent on paid closed software for our critical infrastructure and learning.


i) ATMs running really old windows operating system XP with no support.  

ii) Students are learning high level windows applications in the name of computer literacy. However fundamental computer knowledge will be missing unless they start their education in open source. 

iii) While we paid billions of dollars for importing oil in 20th century. We will be paying billions for closed software in 21st century, while protectionism is on rise in other countries. We should at-least strive to be self reliant in consumption of basic software for critical infrastructure.

iv) Most computers are insecure because frequent upgrade on paid software requires lot of money, as a result hacking of accounts and private information is on the rise.   India is completely vulnerable to cyber attack!!


HRD ministry should mandate open source OS for schools.

Government should mandate open source OS for banks and critical infrastructure.

Using India specific Linux distro is the best bet moving forward.


The reason for not having cutting edge software products in India is that students start with very high level commercial software. They never deal with fundamental networking and open source at the start of their learning


I have seen and experienced that after spending years in software industry many engineers still lag the initiative to build their own products.  Even firms that we believe are cutting edge in India, just develop websites. Fundamental technology products like search, OS, AI, mapping, cloud infrastructure, networking products etc. are hosted outside.   I firmly believe this stems from students starting on paid software, in the end they are just application users.  

I humbly request all software engineers with knowledge of the scale of the issue and all concerned parents in general to support this cause and inform the HRD ministry to act on this.

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