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lets solve population explosion issue and the ill-effects

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The problem of ever rising population that india faces - the mother of all other problems - probably the root cause.

I have started this petition, in order to actually look this issue as a serious problem, and to make strict rules to solve it. 

Ever rising population is for me and my knowledge the most underrated and underestimated problem that the country is facing. People can see day to day rising prices of petrol, vegetables and other commodities but doesnt realize the root cause, people are day to day facing problems of unemployment but doesnt realize the root cause behind it, people are seeing poverty nearby, poor homeless sick who only have to beg to survive but doesnt realize the root cause, corruption, illeteracy, water scarcity, food and grains scarcity and soaring prices, poor air quality - you name it and the list will go on increasing. 

Yes, one can believe it or not, directly or indirectly, overpopulation is the cause of these issues. 

My petition is to the lawmakers currently sitting at the top - Honourable ministry of human resource - health and family welfare to kindly act upon this matter with strict rules. Making rules doesnt mean one is trying to act against a certain community or religion which at times is being made a scapegoat for rising population - but this should be for the pan India and pan Indian cause and betterment. 

Future is seriously very dark if this issue is not solved and not controlled in coming 5-10 years. 

Although i do not have a true sense of the actual problem that india is facing, i will try to make this petition to make the honorable ministry know of few steps to curb rising population : 

1. Increase the minimum age of marriage: 

We have seen that although still, people do get married before the legal age, but since the law is there, there have been many who wait till 18, before they get their daughters married. It is sad, actually, that people dont understand the importance of primary education before getting their daughter married. Since the law is there, there are enforced to follow it. Similarlly, when the rule of minimum age of 21 years for females and 24 years for males, will  be there, people will follow it. The benefit is that by the time the girl turns 21, she must have completed basic college years and will be standing on her own to live her own livelihood. 

21 years for females and 24 years for males


2. Two child norm:

Time has come to actually have one child norm but in india and for us indians, who since ages like our cricket team  !! for us, two child norm thus is appreciable and implementable.

3. Minimum age gap between first and second child be at least 4 years

This will not only help in reducing the rising population rate but also help in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates due to poor nutrition




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