Cancellation or Postponement till indefinite time of UG examination 2020 like NEET,JEE,etc

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Do India really bothers or concerned about the students health? I don’t think so they are. HRD ministry and NTA has already finalised the dates for the UG entrance examinations like NEET-2020, JEE -2020, etc which are to be conducted in the month of July . The respective dates are NEET-: July 26th 2020 & JEE -: July 18th 2020. Students are the pillars and future concrete structures of this young nation India �� . At this high time when “Covid-19 or Corona pandemic” is devastating lives out there and still the count continues , Our Officials & responsible authorities are thinking and planning to conduct the UG entrance examinations in India which is not less than an ridiculous decision. As per the current scenario conducting examinations especially like NEET & JEE in which NEET 2020 applicants are around 16.84 lakh students and 9.34 lakh applicants are of JEE 2020 , I think it’s not an absolutely wise decision to be executed. Hope that parents will not like to send their wards out and put their wards life in an deadly risk factor due to “Corona” pandemic which has no precised treatment or medication yet  . It’s an request and demand to all the responsible authorities and officials that please cancel the UG entrance examinations for an indefinite extent  or till normalcy is gained. Please sign this petition and support  too  for the sake of student life .

“Life is important , Exam is not” because if you have life then you can appear for exam next year too and if you won’t have life itself then what will you aspire of. 

    “ No exams or entrance examinations in India  till zero covid-19 or corona case”

Thank You.
(A responsible citizen of India ��  )